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Dealflow gets you paid the same day when sending an invoice to a brand. Avoid frustration with financial admin.

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Invoice in seconds

Create a beautiful invoice that you can send to your brand or agency in no time. 

Get paid now

Companies pay you after 4+ weeks. We pay you the same day.

Withdraw anytime

You can transfer the money anywhere. You're in control. 

⏳ Reduce admin

We collect payments for you. That means we'll have to chase your client if they forget, are slow or refuse to pay.

⚡️ Invest today

Invest in your business when the work is done. 1 month of invoice waiting is 1 month with missed opportunities. 

🔒 No risk

You have 0 risk if the brands don’t pay. We take the risk for you, so you can focus on creating the future

🤝 No change for client

Dealflow is free for companies and they don’t have to change a single thing in their system. It just works. 

But don't listen to us

See what our creators are saying 

  • "What used to be 1 hour of manual invoicing + weeks of waiting for payment now happens instantly. I love getting paid the same day ⚡️"


    180k+ followers on Instagram

  • I just did a collaboration with Urbanista. Dealflow helped me get paid the same day that I posted the campaign! Finally no more chasing brand payments. Love it ❤️ highly recommend!


    6.5k followers on Instagram

  • Dealflow helped me to get paid the same day I registered. It was easy and felt very professional. I highly recommend Dealflow to everyone!


    2.5k followers on Instagram

No hidden fees

+ 2 week free trial

We take a small fee so we can improve our service over time. It happens automatically ☺️


Of total invoice amount.

2 week free trial. Stop anytime.

Send invoices in seconds

Get paid the same day

No monthly costs

Unlimited invoice volume

No risk if the brand don't pay

Free and no change for the brand

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We believe in a future where creators, not the platforms, run the internet. Our mission is to help them manage their business. Join our cause:

Got questions?

Getting paid as a creator has never been easier. Here's answers to some of your favourite questions:

👤 Who is Dealflow for?

Dealflow is for creators and freelancers that make money collaborating with brands.

🚀 Is Dealflow live?

Right now we're only live for an exclusive group of creators. You must apply to join our next intake!

🔎 I'm a brand / agency / platform. What now?

We have a solution for you. Click here

🧐 What is a creator wallet?

It's like a bank account, just built for creators and the modern internet (web 3.0)

💰 Can you get paid in Bitcoin?

Not right now, but it's in our roadmap. We're big crypto fans!


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