Pay creators with ease

Get free credit, earn up to 1% cashback, and turn your creator invoices into 1 bill per month. The first credit card for creator expenses.

Up to 1% cashback

Get up to 1% cashback by approving invoices with your card within 24 hours. Be quick, save money.

Get 1 bill / month

No more invoice drama. With Dealflow you get one invoice per month for all you creator payments. One card, one bill, one currency.

Get credit to spend on influencers

We'll pay your creators for you, so you can be flexible and grow like you deserve at the same time.

No change to your system

No need to change your payment system or upgrade your accounting. Just approve, then pay with a monthly invoice. 

Completely free

It doesn't cost anything to use our card. It's free for all brands, and the card is 100% virtual.

How it works

Invite creators

Make sure your creators use the Dealflow app to invoice. It takes a couple of seconds to set up.

We do magic

We'll apply our secret sauce when your creators invoice through Dealflow. It's accounting magic. 

Get one bill per month

Working with multiple creators shouldn't mean payment headache. Now it doesn't anymore.

"I love getting paid
the same day"

How instant payments are changing the lives of creators around the world

  • "What used to be 1 hour of manual invoicing + weeks of waiting for payment now happens instantly. I love getting paid the same day ⚡️"


    180k+ followers on Instagram

  • I just did a collaboration with Urbanista. Dealflow helped me get paid the same day that I posted the campaign! Finally no more chasing brand payments. Love it ❤️ highly recommend!


    6.5k followers on Instagram

  • Dealflow helped me to get paid the same day I registered. It was easy and felt very professional. I highly recommend Dealflow to everyone!


    2.5k followers on Instagram

We integrate
like you work

You can partner up as an agency, a brand or creator platform. 


1 bill per month

Creators get paid the same day

Integrated KYC and regulatory setup

24/7 customer support



1 bill per month

Creators get paid the same day

Integrated KYC and regulatory setup

24/7 customer support


Creator platform

1 bill per month

Creators get paid the same day

Integrated KYC and regulatory setup

24/7 customer & API support

Free API

Who is it for?

  • "So many of our influencers have complained about our ability to pay on time. Dealflow completely removes this problem. It's a genuis thing. Crazy that it's free!

    Influencer manager

    Nordgreen - Luxury watch brand

    Influencer manager
  • We spend around $2k/month on Human Resources to go after payments. Having the payment secured leaves me a full time head count free for business development.
    Dealflow is a must. 

    Livia Alice Dolle

    Audience Cachée - Influencer agency

    Livia Alice Dolle
  • "Right now we have over €100k in outstanding payments from brands. It has become a regular thing that we send out apology letters to our crators due to slow payments. Dealflow is a no brainer. 

    Influencer manager

    SocialBlade - Social media agency

    Influencer manager

Got questions?

Getting paid as a creator has never been easier. Here's answers to some of your favourite questions:

👤 Who is Dealflow for?

Dealflow is for creators that make money on brand collaborations.

🚀 Is Dealflow live?

Right now we're only live for an exclusive group of creators. You must apply to join our next intake!

🔎 I'm a brand / agency / manager. What now?

We have a solution for you. Click here.

🧐 What is a creator wallet?

It's like a bank account, just built for creators and the modern internet (web 3.0)

💰 Can you get paid in Bitcoin?

Not right now, but it's in our roadmap. We're big crypto fans!


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